ElementGold Overview

ElementGold is a premium powdered food product, designed to be mixed with water to form a tasty nutritional shake.


ElementGold is formulated from premium quality ingredients. Premium quality ingredients have been selected to maximise bioavailability of nutrients and minimise the potential of triggering sensitive digestive systems in order to enhance mucosal healing.

For a detailed breakdown of the ingredients used see the Ingredients Breakdown section.

As only natural colourings and flavourings are used, each flavour has a slightly different nutritional profile. Select the flavour links below to view details of each flavour.

How to Use

A standard serving of ElementGold is 100g of ElementGold powder (4 scoops using the included scoop) mixed with 250ml of water. Depending on your situation you may be adding oil to boost energy intake. There are 10 servings in a 1kg bottle. The mixed shake should be sipped slowly to help maximise nutrient absorption.

Other ingredients can be added to ElementGold but it will no longer be a purely elemental food. Your healthcare professional will determine the number of servings per day and whether you require a complete or partial elemental diet.

More details are available on the Using ElementGold page.


It can be hard to gain benefit from an elemental diet if you are unable to stick with it. Taste plays a major role in compliance with elemental diets and so great care has into formulating the flavours of ElementGold. There are currently three flavours and an unsweetened vanilla version. The natural flavouring ingredients vary for each flavour so there are slight formulation differences but there is an attempt to keep them as similar as possible and the added vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the same across all flavours.

Select a flavour below for ingredients and nutrition panel information.