Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Section: ElementGold Composition

Does ElementGold Plus+ contain milk?

Australian and New Zealand food standards regulations require a statement highlighting where milk, or any component of milk, is added to food. The only ingredient in ElementGold Plus+ that this applies to is the whey protein isolate, which is derived from cow's milk. The whey protein isolate used in ElementGold is processed in such a way that it has extremely low levels of lactose (see FAQ about lactose below).

Is ElementGold Plus+ lactose free?

The only ingredient in ElementGold Plus+ that could contain lactose is the whey protein isolate. The whey protein isolate used in ElementGold Plus+ is obtained using the ion-exchange extraction method. Although more costly, this method aims to better preserve the protein and remove as much of the casein and lactose as possible.

The specification for this whey protein isolate is for a maximum of 0.5% lactose but the typical range for it is less than 0.2%. These values are tested by the WPI manufacturer using AOAC standard 986.25. These values mean that there is never going to be more than 0.16g of lactose per serve (250ml water + 100g powder) of ElementGold and there will usually be less than 0.064g of lactose per serve.

ElementGold is considered "Low Lactose" under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code as it has less than 2g of lactose per 100g of the food. ElementGold is not considered as "Lactose Free" under code as it would have to contain no detectable lactose.

Also consider ElementGold Plus+ Vegan which uses a protein from rice.

Is ElementGold gluten free?

ElementGold Plus+ and ElementGold Plus+ Vegan are not made from oats, wheat or cereals that contain gluten or that have been malted, or their products and would be unlikely to contain detectable gluten. It has not been tested to be certified as being gluten free.

How much fructose is in ElementGold Plus+ Chocolate?

A 100g serving of ElementGold Plus+ Chocolate contains 13g of fructose. None of the other flavours contain fructose. If you are concerned about sweeteners try using ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla, which contains no additional sweeteners, allowing you to add your own.

Why does ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla list sugars in the Nutrition Information panel?

ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla contains no additional sugars or sweeteners. A 100g serve of ElementGold Unsweetened Vanilla contains 2.7g of sugars. These are naturally occuring sugars in the tapioca maltodextrin (which contibutes 1.8g per serve) and less than a gram in the natural vanilla flavourings.

FAQ Section: Who can use ElementGold?

Is ElementGold suitable for children?

ElementGold is a food and is suitable for children and adults. Keep in mind that the nutritional requirements of all users will differ and consumption should be guided by your healthcare professional. Additionally:

  • ElementGold is not suitable as an infant formula.
  • When used as a sole source of nutrition ElementGold must be used under the guidance of a doctor or healthcare professional.

Can I use ElementGold if I don’t have Crohn’s Disease?

Yes! Although it was designed for IBD sufferers in accordance with many years of clinical studies based upon the success of elemental diets in the management of Crohn’s disease, elemental diets are useful in almost any condition where absorption of nutrients is impaired. Examples of this include those post GI surgery, those who have difficulty chewing or swallowing, during or post chemotherapy to maintain weight and healthy vitamin and mineral levels. Elemental diets can also be used to support nutrient levels during chronic or acute diarrhoea from any cause.

Is ElementGold FODMAP Friendly?

ElementGold Plus+ Unsweetened Vanilla is currently the only flavour which is certified low FODMAP. It contains no added sugar and utilises maltodextrin derived from tapioca making it a low FODMAP food. It can be sweetened with Stevia or your choice of any other appropriate sweetener. Remember once you add anything to ElementGold, it will no longer be an elemental diet and we recommend that you develop your diet with the assistance of a health professional. The sweetened flavours of ElementGold Plus+; Chocolate and Berry contain dextrose or a combination of fructose and dextrose which render them less likely to be appropriate for a FODMAP diet. For more details about FODMAP and the certification process, see the Low FODMAP page.

Can I take ElementGold if I have SIBO?

Many SIBO sufferes have used elemental diets under the guidance healthcare professionals. Consult your health professional as to whether an elemental diet is appropriate for use after your SIBO diagnosis. Sweetened versions of ElementGold Plus+ may not be suitable.

Is ElementGold suitable for pregnant women?

There is nothing inherantly unsuitable for pregnant women. As individuals may have different requirements or restrictions, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before consuming ElementGold if you are pregnant.

FAQ Section: ElementGold as an Elemental Diet

Do I need to use ElementGold exclusively for a period of time?

Not necessarily. Your medical professional may initially recommend a certain period of time, called an "induction period" where you use ElementGold exclusively until your symptoms settle. After that point, they may advise a slow return to either an appropriate exclusion diet or normal diet, where ElementGold is used for only part of the time or only used when you experience flare-ups, to manage your condition drug-free.

When would I expect to see a difference and what can I expect?

It is common to notice changes in as little as one week. You will need to consult your healthcare professional as to the types of results you should expect, which will be based on your diagnosis and your circumstances as an individual.

Remember that ElementGold is a liquid food with no fibre and although the majority is absorbed in the small intestine prior to reaching the large intestine, you can expect to have liquid stool as a result. This is not diarrhoea, but simply the result of a liquid diet.

As your body adjusts to eating food in elemental form, you may experience mild bloating after a serve of ElementGold. This usually subsides after a few days but if not, consult your healthcare professional.

FAQ Section: Using ElementGold

I can't find the scoop.

During shipping the plastic measuring scoop might shift in the powder. Usually it will not be too far below the surface and tilting and rolling the bottle will help you find it. Pushing fingers of a gloved hand into the powder should allow you locate the scope in the rare situation where it has worked it way deeper into the tub. A 4-scoop serving is 100g and the included scoop provides a good approximation but you can substitute it if required.

What is the white sachet in the bottle?

This is known as a dessicant and is designed to help keep ElementGold as dry as possible during storage. Although not to be eaten it is harmless.