How to Use ElementGold

Sole Source vs Partial Source vs Casual Use

How you use ElementGold will depend on your condition and the reason why your health care professional recommended the food to be part of your diet. Unlike many other elemental diets, ElementGold is not only great tasting, but comes in a wide range of flavours which can make any period of using ElementGold as a sole source of nutrition much more enjoyable.

There are three main ways it is used:

  • Casual Use
    ElementGold is suitable for casual use such for times when you may experience flare ups of your condition or if you want a safe food when travelling.
  • Partial Source of Nutrition
    A partial elemental diet is one where only part of your energy needs are provided by ElementGold for a period of time.
  • Sole Source of Nutrition
    When used as a sole source of nutrition, ElementGold will be the only food you consume for a period of time. Many protocols in the scientific literature recommend a purely elemental diet in order to induce healing for between 14 and 21 days. Use of ElementGold as a sole source of nutrition must be done under the guidance of a medical professional, who will specify the period of use and determine the number of serves you should be consuming per day.

How Much ElementGold do you Need?

The primary factor for determining how much ElementGold you need is the amount of energy you are looking to supply by consuming ElementGold.

Your personal energy requirements will be based on many factors including your age, gender, lifestyle and whether there is a need to gain or lose weight. Your healthcare professional will be able to help you set your daily energy intake and it may be adjusted over the course of your diet.

Once you know how much energy you are looking to consume daily, you can figure out how many serves you will need per day.

A Serve of ElementGold
A standard serve of ElementGold is 100g (4 scoops using the included scoop) of ElementGold powder mixed with 250 mL of water, which provides the body with 1540 kJ of energy. If you are using unsweetened flavours you need to account for the energy of any sweetener you add.
Adding Fat to a Serve
You may need or want to add fat to ElementGold for various reasons. Typically this is done by adding 15mL of flax seed oil (or less according to tolerance) to each serve which adds 540 kJ to a serve bringing the total for the serve to 2080 kJ.

Directions for Use

Add 4 level scoops (100 g) of ElementGold to 1 cup (250 mL) of cold water and shake, stir or blend until no lumps remain. Serve poured over ice for best results and drink slowly for best absorption. If using a blender, use low speed for no longer than 10 seconds. Blending for longer or adding hot liquids may denature the amino acids. If using blended ice, blend the ice before adding it to the shake.

As ElementGold contains no fat, you may wish to add flax seed oil. Add up to 15 mL (or less according to tolerance) prior to blending. 15 mL of flax seed oil will add approximately 540 kJ to a serving.

ElementGold contains natural flavourings. Adding milk, fruit, honey or other foods to ElementGold will enhance its taste but it will no longer be an elemental diet.

Store in a cool dry place. Use within 30 days of opening. Consume each shake immediately or cover and refrigerate, discarding any unused portion after 4 hours.

Persons with known medical conditions should consult with their medical practitioner before taking this or any other dietary supplement. Safety sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken or missing. Not for parenteral (intravenous) use.